Feb 152004
Authors: Christiana Nelson

The manager of a Greeley-based adult entertainment business said three of his professional strippers attended a football recruitment party at CSU in December 2002.

Don Schuler, manager of Secret Services, said he was present at a party on Dec. 8, 2002, and wants the public to know the truth about the situation.

“Right away a couple guys at the party came up to me and said, ‘If you need any help or if anything gets out of hand, we’re here,'” Schuler said. “They were very polite, very respectful. It was just a plain and simple fun party.”

Schuler’s statement follows last week’s claim by Hardbodies Entertainment Inc. President Steve Lower, who said he has sent strippers to CSU football recruitment parties for 20 years.

Schuler said a company in Fort Collins that was overbooked for the night contacted him to send professional strippers to the party.

“We were there once, it is not a long-standing relationship or anything,” Schuler said. “The football players were not a bad group. I would do another party for them.”

At the party, Schuler said veteran football players announced that minors needed to leave the party before the strippers performed and that 50 to 60 people remained at the party.

Schuler said the party began at a house but was interrupted when the police came because of three illegally parked cars. The party relocated to a smaller house and consequently had to be split into two rooms, but it was similar to any other party Secret Services performs.

“The girls just did the basics,” Schuler said. “There was dancing and lots of music that we provide, they just get to dance and there are lap dances and stuff like that.”

This year Schuler was contacted to do another recruitment party but had to decline. This was due to short notice and the players’ inability to pay the full call-out rate of $100 per dancer, plus tips, last time.

“They paid cash and I remember that they rounded up money from more than one person,” Schuler said. “I had to give them a discount because there wasn’t that much money. The girls made below-normal tips.”

Gary Ozzello, senior associate athletic director, said the university is investigating recruitment at CSU by speaking with coaches and student athletes.

“We were unaware of this (new claim), but it is part of our review that’s ongoing,” Ozzello said. “Any truth to this will require prompt and immediate action.”

The University of Colorado-Boulder has recently been under attack for the use of sex and alcohol as a part of football recruitment. While the university is still being accused of having strippers at recruitment parties, this weekend a former CU athletic department administrative assistant, Nathan Maxcey, took responsibility for hiring a female escort while using a university-supplied cell phone.

Schuler said that he wants the public to understand his experience not for publicity, but to reveal the truth about CSU football recruitment.

“They are good kids, there are no coaches that are a part of it and there’s no big money,” Schuler said. “There are a lot of people trying to grab the glory and I just want to stick up for them a little bit.”

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