Mayor should be commended

Feb 152004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Jason Kosena

On Saturday, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper joined nearly 2,000

gay-rights supporters on the east steps of Denver’s city hall to

protest federal efforts to outlaw same-sex marriages, according to

the Denver Post.

Hickenlooper has no power to dictate state or federal laws, so

why is he putting his political career in possible jeopardy?

Because it is something he believes in. Hickenlooper, who has

several gay and lesbian staff members said, “I hope instead that

citizens and leaders of both Denver and Colorado will send a

message to Washington that we want equality, fairness, hope and

unity for all our citizens.”

We commend Hickenlooper for doing what a lot of politicians are

too afraid to do – support what they believe in. Most politicians

don’t voice how they feel on issues even when they have a direct

say because they are afraid of turning away voters. We only hope

that every elected political official can follow the same lead.

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