Feb 152004
Authors: Justin Goldman

The Colorado Chill of the National Women’s Basketball League is

hosting the league’s first official All-Star game at the Budweiser

Events Center.

The festivities start today at 1:30 p.m., and the game starts at

3 p.m.

The event begins with the league’s skills competition, which

will include a slam-dunk contest and a 3-point shooting


Four members of the Chill were voted to the National Team by

league officials and coaches-Edna Campbell, Katie Cronin, Helen

Darling and Ruth Riley are all on the team. The Houston Stealth’s

head coach John Chancellor will coach the National Team.

This has highlighted an exciting time for Chill center Riley,

who last week was invited to participate in the first training

session for the U.S. National team. This will give her a chance to

represent the nation in the Olympics this summer in Athens.

“It would be an extreme honor,” said Riley during a news

conference last week. “The highest honor an athlete can have is to

represent her country. To be named to the team would be the

highlight of my career.”

Riley is on a two-way contract with the Detroit Shock of the

Women’s National Basketball Association and was forced to miss one

game on Wednesday and could miss another two games during her

tryouts with the Olympic squad.

“We knew Ruth was one of the best players in the United States,

and we wanted to give our fans a chance to watch her and get to

know her,” said Chill owner Dave King. “We are so proud of Ruth and

the fact that she was chosen for this.”

Another first for the NWBL also takes place today with worldwide

coverage of the All-Star game by Sports Radio Network, the Internet

broadcasting network of the NWBL.

The Web cast will begin at 1:30 p.m. and can be accessed from

Sports Radio Network’s Web site at www.sportsradionet.com.

“This is obviously a tremendous opportunity for us,” said Rob

Goldenburg, CEO and play-by-play announcer for the All-Star game.

“There will be a tremendous amount of talent and this coverage is a

validation of the station showing exposure of women’s basketball

that provides us a national audience.”

Although Sports Radio Network has provided coverage of

professional sports for over three years, this is the first time

Goldenburg has had an opportunity to visit Northern Colorado and

the Budweiser Events Center.

“I heard it’s beautiful and I’m excited for all of the events

the NWBL has planned,” Goldenburg said.

The Chill received the bid to host the NWBL’s first All-Star

game back on Oct. 19 on the last day of the NWBL owner’s meetings

in Birmingham, Ala. It was a major shock for King, who had signed a

contract four months earlier to make the Budweiser Events Center

their home.

“This is very unusual,” said King in a press release in October.

“But one feature that is overwhelming is the facility-the Budweiser

Events Center is fantastic. And our ability to show the league we

already have a fan base established, even without playing a game,

was huge.”

The Chill is 6-5 in its inaugural season and is unbeaten at home

with five remaining home games.

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