Feb 122004
Authors: Josh Pilkington

Booze, stripers and notes, must be a recruiting trip…

It shouldn’t be this way. The Air Force men’s hoops team is

putting together one of the most miraculous seasons in NCAA

history, going from consummate cellar-dweller to first place in the

Mountain West Conference at 7-1; yet nobody, not in the nation, not

in the region, not even in the state the school calls home, has

taken notice. Why? Because all people seem to want to talk about in

the sex scandal capital of the world once known as Colorado is

who’s getting a lap dance from whom! …

Do us a favor sports media of the world: leave the sports in the

sports pages and the scandals and tabloid garbage to the

supermarket tabloids that specialize in such matters. …

So the Rams are 3-5 in the Mountain West and have but three home

games remaining on their schedule, should we be worried? Let us

answer that question with another: Where were the Rams last season,

the one in which they made the NCAA Tournament for the first time

in over a decade, at this time? …

The Rams were 3-5 in the MWC having just come off an 80-75 loss

to, surprise, Air Force at Clune Arena and were in the middle of a

seven-game losing streak that did not end until the last game of a

regular season in which they finished 4-12 in conference play. What

happened next was surreal as the team came together under the very

long arm of center Matt Nelson and won three straight games against

Wyoming, Brigham Young and Nevada-Las Vegas (three teams the Rams

failed to defeat in the regular season) to claim the MWC Tournament

Championship. …

Our point is this: they may be down now, but if a certain

7-footer can heal enough to play and play well, there is no reason

to believe the Rams won’t duplicate their late-season success from

2002-2003 at the Pepsi Center in March. …

Carlton Fisk would be proud. …

Now in her third year as catcher for the women’s softball team,

junior Kerry Farrell missed a game for the first time in her

career, that’s 106 consecutive games started behind the dish for

those scoring at home. …

Offensively speaking she is not a marvel, but in her first at

bat of the season the team’s leader in sacrifice bunts over the

past two seasons smacked a home run. How rare is that? In her

previous 104 games, Farrell had pegged all of two home runs. Later

CSU’s much-better-looking version of Pudge Fisk came off the bench

(in that 106th game she did not start) to spark a rally that led to

a CSU comeback. …

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and what could be better than

a night at Moby to watch the Rams take on the Utes? …

We might as well enjoy that one, Monday night’s televised game

against Brigham Young on ESPN’s Big Monday, begins – as is usual

for Big Monday – at 10 p.m. …

I don’t want to say anything, but something tells me Utah head

coach Rick Majerus would still be on the bench if he didn’t have to

coach a Monday night game at 10 p.m. three or four times a season.

And finally, it will be a star-studded weekend this weekend as

the NFL, NHL and NBA hold their annual All-Star games. …

What? The NFL and NHL already put their all-stars on display?

Guess it’s just the NBA then.

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