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Feb 112004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Quality music and nationally recognized names swing through

Colorado in the next week.

Two bands that are playing on Friday night are both blessed with

loyal followers and new albums. The Samples, a group with Colorado

ties, is playing at the Fox Theatre in Boulder and moe. is playing

with Galactic at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. The Samples are

just releasing their newest album, “Black and White,” while moe. is

touring in support of their newest release “Wormwood.” Both bands

are sweet to listen to and have flavors completely their own.

Valentine’s Day is generally spent on a dinner date or the

movies, but live music is a known aphrodisiac, so for those horny

audiophiles … I got you. Two shows look especially enticing. If

you want to stay local with your lady then check out Listen with

Black Pegasus at the Starlight. Both groups are currently in

rotation on KCSU and are sure to put on an entertaining show.

On the chance that you happen to find yourself in Denver on this

holiday, then head over to hot spot Herman’s Hideaway and check out

Opie Gone Bad. This group is one of Denver’s most prized

possessions and the members enjoy rocking, much like we enjoy

rocking. Ah, true love.

Sunday night Avogadro’s hosts acoustic singer-songwriter Inda

Eaton. Eaton has gained acclaim in both the folk and rock genres,

and in the past several years she has opened for bands such as

Hootie and the Blowfish, Blues Traveler and LeAnn Rimes. With a

good sound and solid lyrics this should prove to be an enjoyable


Tuesday night sees one of the most popular bands in the United

States blow up on the Fillmore in Denver. Evanescence, feeling so

fresh and so clean with two Grammies in its back pocket, is set to

play to the crowd. The group recently received Grammy Awards for

Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance. The members will

undoubtedly be riding a wave of pure adrenaline inspired not only

by the Grammy success but also by the fact that the band’s recent

album “Fallen” has been certified four times platinum and has sold

more than six million copies worldwide. Six million copies huh? I

count to six million for fun.

The week culminates Wednesday with one of the most popular

Colorado acts on the scene, Leftover Salmon. This

local-gone-national group has become famous for its talent and

jam-band, grassroots style. The group is a Colorado commodity to be

proud of and support, so make sure you get to the Aggie to show

some love to some to a Colorado homegrown talent.

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