To the Editor:

Feb 112004

Has anybody noticed the advertising signs recently hung in the

Lory Student Center? This week all students should celebrate the

newly renovated food court in the student center, but I will not

celebrate the poor marketing campaign. Signs that read “Taco John’s

in the Hizzouse”, “Ramskeller Holla” and “Get Your Grub On” seem

quite ridiculous considering we are at an institute for higher


I wasn’t aware there was any known spelling for hizzouse, and if

I was in the Ramskeller and started to ‘Holla’ I just might get

carted off by the CSU Police Department (which is always looking

for something great to write in Campus Blotter). For now I will

just divert my eyes from the ceiling where the signs are hung and

focus on the beautifully designed new food court. Thanks CSU and

R.C. Heath Construction Co. for the much needed renovation.


If there is any information on the person(s) responsible for

this marketing campaign, please notify them that in order to

compliment the good design of the student center food court they

should use good advertising, not the garbage I was exposed to on



Christine Moore

Senior, interior design

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To the Editor:

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Feb 112004

I would like to commend David Hernandez for talking about his

illness in the Feb. 11 article “Lessons learned” by Jason Kosena. I

believe it is very important for people to see a doctor immediately

regarding abnormal symptoms that persist. And along with David’s

warning signs, I would like to add a few of my own that may predict

a serious medical problem.

Thanksgiving Break 2002, my boyfriend was feeling very tired and

nauseous, troubles that never plagued him before due to his very

active and healthy lifestyle. These symptoms persisted for a few

days and would not go away, no matter how much he slept or how he

treated his nausea. I personally thought he was just anemic because

he hadn’t been eating very healthily lately and his worried mother

took him to see a doctor. The doctor sent him to the emergency

room, where he finally received a diagnosis: Acute Lymphatic

Leukemia. Just like David, the treatment involved extensive

chemotherapy and steroids, all of which resulted in weight gain and

hair loss.

Today he has lost most of the weight and his hair has come back,

but I still have to take him to Denver once a month for treatments

for the next two years. And the doctors keep emphasizing to us that

because they caught his illness within the first week of

development they were able to save his life. So, to make a long

story short, I just want to emphasize David’s words of wisdom of

getting any odd symptoms checked out immediately. As one may hear

often these days, “Early detection can save lives.”

Natalya Weisgerber

Senior, history

 Posted by at 5:00 pm