Random Ram

Feb 112004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Grant Houx, your everyday CSU student, had a frightening

experience last year when a police officer mistakenly believed

Houx, a junior majoring in communications, was carrying a gun.

“We were leaving a party and I was walking home with about six

people after a heavy night of drinking,” he said. “On the way, all

of the sudden a crazy girl who we’d never met was screaming

profanities at us.”

Deciding to continue the dialogue, one of Houx’s buddies

responded with a “second-grade ‘your mom’ comment,” Houx said.

After that comment things began to escalate.

“It was like a helicopter out of the sky. The girl started doing

the windmill on my buddy. She was really swinging like crazy,” Houx


Houx responded in what he thought to be the most rational


“I tried to respectfully grab her from behind to stop the

craziness when her boyfriend, whom I hadn’t seen, blindsided me

with a blow to my head, knocking my hat off. After responding with

a few punches, cops had arrived on the scene,” he said.

Like many have before, everyone responded the same way to the

police’s arrival.

“I grabbed my hat, threw it in my jacket and started scampering

off home with everybody else,” he said.

And like many before him, he was caught.

“At the next intersection a cop approached, shining lights in my

eyes,” Houx said. “He got out of the cruiser and yelled


Houx didn’t have to be told twice.

“He asked what was in my sweatshirt and I pulled out my hat.

With his great vision he thought it was a gun and ripped his pistol

from his holster, pointing it in my face. I dropped my hat and

jumped back.”

The officer realized the item was not a gun after Houx dropped

it to the ground. He then began to question Houx.

“He holstered his gun and began asking me things and one of his

questions demanded what I would have done had he shot me.”

Houx was surprisingly honest.

“I would have died.”

The officer finished questioning Houx and told him to go


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