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Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

Amazing food, great service, a relaxing atmosphere and

inexpensive prices is Spoons Soups and Salads Restaurant’s recipe

for success. It is a great local spot to have a healthy yet filling

meal for a great price.


Spoons has two locations, one in Old Town at 172 N. College Ave.

Suite B and another at 1118 W. Elizabeth Ave. in the Campus West

shops. At both locations, the dark tones and soft lighting set a

relaxing mood that is especially warm and comforting. “We’ve tried

to create a quick, healthy, cost-efficient restaurant that has an

environment where students can come to take a break from the day

and read a book or chat with a friend,” said Martin Dickey,

co-founder of Spoons.


The service is fast because all of the dishes are pre-made that

morning and throughout the day so all the customer has to do is

point at what looks good to his/her particular taste. The Spoons

employees are educated on the plethora of choices and are happy to

help customers decide on a dish that will best curb their

individual hunger. This service mixes the efficiency of a fast-food

eatery with the comfy cozy feeling of a sit-down restaurant. A CSU

student can easily drive to the Campus West location, fill up on

scrumptious soup and salad and still make it back within about a

half an hour.

Main Courses

The best thing about Spoons’ menu is that it is ever-changing.

Its menu is streamlined so that each day the hungry customers can

choose from eight soups and four hand-tossed salads that change

every day. The one thing that remains the same is that all of the

meals come with a huge, delicious wedge of fresh-baked Focaccia


The best way to go is to order the “Spoon and Fork Combo.” With

this choice you will receive your choice of a side salad and a

small or medium soup, the small combo (10 oz.) is $5.25 and the

medium (16 oz.) is $6.50. A great price for the fresh and

mouthwatering tastes that are jam-packed into those bowls.

Any item a Spoons customer chooses is bound to be delicious and

healthy. The soft, buttery Focaccia bread will give your taste buds

a party and don’t forget to try one of the yummy cookies for

desert. It is the perfect restaurant for lunchtime.

Spooning the Community

Since the first Spoons location opened in Old Town on May 5,

2003, the co-founders and owners, Dickey and Tom Stoner, have

dedicated their business to giving back to the community.

“We feel that we need to support our community if we want them

to support us,” Dickey said.

Spoons has helped to sponsor CSU’s “Cans Around the Oval” and

various other charities whose donations stay primarily in the Fort

Collins Area.

“One of the things we are doing is once a year we will donate a

full day’s revenue to a local charity,” Dickey said. “Throughout

this whole experience we could just not be happier with the support

that we have received from CSU students and community


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