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Authors: Amy Tolley

If you haven’t pulled your act together for Valentine’s Day yet,

let the pros do it for you. Whether it is through words, art or

dance, Fort Collins has an outlet for your lovin’ feeling.

Start by knocking your partner’s socks off by suggesting that

you break out the dancing shoes. Take him or her to shake it at the

Lincoln Center. It’s your chance to swoon to your favorite love

songs and spend an evening with your sweetheart dancing cheek to

cheek to the music of big band.

“Love and All That Jazz Dance” begins at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at

the Lincoln Center. Table seating and a cash bar will be available.

Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door.

If dancing isn’t your thang then take your love to Bas Bleu

Theatre so you both can laugh at others’ hilarious attempts at

pursuing romance. The play “Love Letters” is showing Saturday and

follows letters exchanged over a lifetime between two people who

grew up together and then went their separate ways. This play

proves that what is implied can be just as revealing and meaningful

as what is actually written down. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.,

choice seats are $79 for adults and $59 for seniors and


When the hype of the romantic holiday finally wears down, green

leprechauns and jazz music will replace red roses.

Faculty saxophonist Peter Sommer and jazz-great Art Lande

explore contemporary sounds for saxophone and piano as part of the

Chamber Music at CSU Faculty Recital Series.

“Jazz Originals” features original music that intersects the

spheres of the classical, jazz and creative improvisation.

Peter Sommer is a saxophonist, teacher and recording artist who

has performed with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and appeared at

many jazz festivals throughout the state. Sommer is an instructor

for the Colorado Conservatory of Jazz Arts.

The two artists will provide an exciting night of music on

Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Music Building Recital Hall, room 203.

Tickets are available for less than $10.

In the art scene, several shows at the Lincoln Center galleries

span from digitally altered images to works made with yarn and deal

with a range of topics from the Seven Deadly Sins to children. Get

over there to see it all before Feb. 26.

The first exhibit, “Altered Images,” features the works that

have been digitally altered through the use of computers.

Les Barta, who is one artist featured in this exhibit, focuses

on photocollage. His work looks at the abstractness of realities

and the choice we all have in choosing or deciding our reality.

A second art show at the Lincoln Center is called “Defining

Dimensions” and features the eclectic work of four artists who all

work in sculptural format.

The media in this exhibit are as varied as the subject matter,

ranging from metal, porcelain, natural materials and various other

multimedia, and deal with family, landscapes, the Seven Deadly Sins

and natural objects found in our surroundings.

Finally, the Walkway Gallery of the Lincoln Center presents the

work of Wade Eldean and Becki Smith.

Eldean’s work is composed of yarn portraits and oil paintings

with subject matter that reflects people and their relationship to

others and also their culture, whereas Becki Smith’s works are

boxes that display bits and pieces of collected objects, each with

symbolic meaning.

A final art exhibit showing at Gallery 233 proves that some

things in life are black and white. “Entrances” by Jim Heaton

features black-and-white photos of people and places from around

the world. The collection can be seen through Feb. 27. For ticket

information call 970-484-7500.

Bas Bleu Theatre


Gallery 233


Lincoln Center


Music Building Recital Hall


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