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Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

Korean soprano, Eun Joo Lee, is extremely famous on the other

side of the world and is making her American debut at CSU this


This unique performance of traditional classical pieces and

Korean folk songs is scheduled to take place on Sunday in the Music

Building Recital Hall room 203.

Lee’s daughter, Min Kim, is a freshman open option major at CSU

and helped to translate during a short interview with her mother.

Kim said she is very excited and supportive of mother’s choice to

make her American debut in Fort Collins.

“I think it is such a good opportunity for her and for students

to hear her,” Kim said. “This is what she is best at.”

Lee’s daughter is not the only one excited to see her perform

this weekend.

“When we heard she was coming to the office everyone went

crazy,” said Lauren Koziel, publicity assistant for the Department

of Music, Theatre and Dance. “Everyone is really excited. She is

supposed to be amazing.”

Lee has performed over 200 times all across the world including

eight solo recitals in Germany and Korea. She has also won

international vocal competitions in Spain, Korea and Germany.

“No matter where I perform my favorite part is the connection I

make with the audience,” Lee said.

Not only does Lee sing for audiences all around the world, but

also she consistently performs for sold out crowds of hundreds of


“In December she performed in a solo recital with a sold-out

crowd of a thousand people, as well as having the entire recital on

radio, broadcast over all of Korea,” said Cynthia Vaughn, soprano

and professor of music at CSU.

Lee will perform an afternoon of unique song and music by

artists such as Mozart, Rossini and Schubert, as well as personally

selected, one-of-a-kind Korean folk songs.

“I am hoping that a lot of people will come,” Lee said. “I am

really hoping to have a good recital.”

Lee first planted her roots in such culturally diverse types of

music while attaining her a voice and opera degree at Yonsei

University in Korea and later went on to earn performance degrees

from National Music Colleges in Freiburg and Karlsruhe,


Because Lee has studied music most of her life and in different

parts of the world, Vaughn claims that her performance will be a

great chance for students to hear music that they normally wouldn’t

listen to.

“This is a great opportunity for students to hear a live

performance of beautiful music that is different from what they are

used to,” Vaughn said. “It is a chance to be exposed to music from

other countries by someone who is very famous in her country.”

Kim said her mother ultimately made the decision of making her

American debut at CSU last year when they came as a family to Fort

Collins because Kim was considering attending CSU.

“When we came last year my mom got a chance to talk to the music

department and give them a CD. Since then, CSU has been planning

for this recital with my mom,” Kim said.

Tickets to what promises to be a cultural awakening are $5 for

students and $10 for non-students and with Valentine’s Day on

Saturday, it is the perfect weekend to enjoy the romance of

classical and cultural music.

“We really hope to have a big turnout, especially since she sold

out her last recital of a thousand people,” Vaughn said.

Even though the CSU music hall only holds around 200 people, Lee

isn’t worried about having a smaller crowd than what she is used

to. In fact, she is particularly excited.

“I am used to performing in front of large crowds,” Lee said.

“But I think being in front of a smaller audience will give me a

better chance to connect with the crowd.”

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