Are You Connected?

Feb 112004
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

As graduation nears, students may find themselves networking

with peers and professors alike as a possible step toward success

later in life.

“I try to keep good relationships with people because you never

know what may come of it,” said senior economics major Yoseph

Assefa. “You know the saying, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you


Networking is as way an individual can go about seeking

relationships with others with similar interests and goals,

communicating ideas and keeping in touch for the future.

“I don’t network as much as I probably should, but I make sure

to stay friends with people more talented than I so that as long as

I do my best to succeed, I’ll have peers who can do me favors and

vice versa,” said senior English major Nicolas Roberts.

Making friends to create connections is not the only way to rise

toward success, but networking for the future is different for

everyone. Students may want to seek council from faculty as well as

the Career Center.

“Get to know the professors in your field, they can be very

helpful with recommendations as well,” said speech communications

professor James Hayes. “The best way to network is to get one or

more internships. Get to know people who can refer you to others in

the same field. Be straightforward, and stay focused on seeking


Taking initiative to make connections with one’s peers may not

be some peoples strengths, thus CSU will be hosting a Career Fair

at the Career Center today where students can meet the employers


“Talking to potential employers is a great way to network and

see what opportunities they have. Communicating with people is

important, whether it is employers, faculty, friends, friends of

family, family of friends … all are golden opportunities to ask

questions in a non-threatening way,” said Brett Beale, associate

director for employer relations at the Career Center. “First

initiate the communication, be willing to give back, use gentle

persistence, limit your time asking questions and be sure to ask

key questions. It’s important to start now, don’t wait.”

Access the Career Center off the CSU home page and find

additional information regarding upcoming events, a Career Fair

guide and a listing of on-campus interviews.

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