Feb 102004

The barrage of letters that The Collegian has received about the academic bill of rights can only be for one reason: the bill stinks. This bill represents a repressive action that is being mulled around the Colorado State Capitol Building and could soon become law.

A political party, with a political agenda, is again calling into question the views of non-partisan professionals with strict codes of ethics. Few civilian institutions have the ethical strictness that teaching and journalism do, so why is one political party so moved to point fingers? Members of these institutions strive to unmask the blinds of everyday life in order to reveal the truth.

The first Republican to chastise the “liberal media” was the infamous ethicist Richard M. Nixon. Since then, the Republicans have been foaming at the mouth any time a liberal commentary is made. I move that the conservatives’ fear is not the fear of a biased classroom or a biased media, but the fear of being proven wrong. What does it say about reality when the professionals being paid to study and know the truth generally agree that the liberal perspective is better for our society?

Conservatives laud a limited government yet beg for more government intervention when it suits their politicized cause. This hypocrisy will not abet truth.

If you are conservative, try to not be so threatened. If your word is true, it will be heard. Our search for truth can only be aided by freedom to think and act how we please. Conservatives, if you are so secure about yourselves, you don’t have to force people to act a certain way. If you are so just, you don’t need to feel so threatened.

Anonymous Author

Senior, sociology and economics

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