Feb 102004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Colleen Buhrer

Christopher J. Ortiz

J.J. Babb

CSU has gone on the defensive amid allegations of inappropriate recruiting practices by football players.

Steve Lower, president of Hardbodies Entertainment Inc., is quoted in The Collegian today as saying he supplied strippers for CSU recruiting parties. He said the practice has become a tradition around the country.

We are not assuming anything about our athletics program, the athletes or the administration, but all responsible parties need to assure the public and the media of two things.

They must either prove these allegations to be unfounded or assure the public that the university is investigating these allegations.

Outside the athletic department, CSU officials have not issued any reports or statements to The Collegian.

If these allegations are true, the parties involved need to be removed and these traditions should disappear.

We are not accusing the administration of hiding anything, but it needs to be as straightforward as possible. A statement needs to be made in a timely manner before gossip and rumor mills start. For damage control, the administration needs to be open and honest to the public and the press and to put the worries of students, athletes, faculty and potential students and athletes to rest.

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