Feb 082004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Students don’t agree on the plus/minus grading system. Some like

it and some don’t. Regardless of how you feel about the grading

system, it should be fair. The Associated Students of CSU is

discussing a resolution asking for consistency among departments

when it comes to plus/minus.

We support the resolution because it helps eliminate

inconsistencies students come across when taking the same class. If

you and a friend are taking different sections of SP201 with

different teachers, both of you should get the same grade for your

89 percent.

Faculty members do not agree on the plus/minus system either,

but they should be required to grade consistently throughout the

department. The majority of classes students take are within one

department and this would make it so that the majority of their

grades would be applied to their GPA in the same way.

When deciding whether to use the grading system or not,

departments should listen to faculty and student input with the


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