To the Editor:

Feb 052004

I am writing in response to Robert Lee’s column, “CSU’s lip

service commitment to academic freedom.” While Mr. Lee does a good

job of using a dictionary to make his column sound more convincing,

I fail to see why these college Republicans care so much about a

few liberal professors. First of all, I am minoring in political

science and I have yet to encounter a professor that has tried to

limit the “academic freedom” of any student.

Furthermore, I think that any conservative social-science

professors would be very shocked to learn that you feel that they

don’t exist. But let’s assume for a minute that a liberal professor

is ranting about Governor Owens or the war in Iraq. How is that

treating Conservative students unfairly? The teacher is bashing the

governor to every student equally, no matter what your political

affiliation is.

I would suggest that if you feel that a professor is threatening

your “academic freedom,” you should limit his/her “academic

freedom.” Stand up and proclaim that you love Governor Owens or

that you can’t wait to see how many soldiers died in Iraq


If a professor gave you a bad grade because you did this, you

could easily get him/her fired or whatever it is that you want to


If a professor is giving the class his liberal viewpoint, you

conservatives should either stand up or not listen. Republicans

already control the media, the presidency, the Congress, the

business world and the New York Yankees. Why not let the liberals

have the political science classrooms?

Mark Danbom

Sophomore, accounting

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