These Falcons can’t fly

Feb 052004
Authors: Joshua Pilkington

For those jumping off the Air Force bandwagon, please allow

women, children and all notes columns to exit first. …

So Air Force finally fell. Let the bells toll and the records

show that the Falcons’ “sleepytime” offense can be defeated and

UNLV’s head coach, Charlie Spoonhour, seems to have uncovered the

secret. Down 11-2 at the beginning of Monday’s 63-50 win over the

Falcons, Spoonhour implemented a full-court press and forced the

Falcons’ snail-pace offense to rush into its half-court offense.

The result: a 14-0 run that led to a 31-19 halftime lead and

subsequent victory. No doubt CSU head coach Dale Layer and his

astute staff witnessed the Rebels’ triumph, now comes the time to

learn from it. Put it in the books, when in Colorado Springs on

Monday, if the Rams aren’t pressing, they aren’t winning. Not that

they haven’t tried the press before. According to one source in the

know, the Rams did attempt a lighter press when the Falcons visited

Moby Arena last month but it “didn’t have the effect we we’re

looking for.” That’s what making adjustments is all about. …

Now that the watered-down, media-hyped event known as the Super

Bowl has come and gone, and another member of the Jackson family

has been exposed (literally), it is time we move on to the bigger,

better, more intriguing sports of the world, i.e.: college

basketball, baseball, and track and field, (sorry puck heads; it

may be cold, but this isn’t Canada, eh). …

In but a few weeks March will be upon us and, as we all know,

that means conference tournaments, RPI rankings and more cries of,

“It’s awesome baby!” than we can count. Time will tell whether the

Rams (both men and women) will be part of that hype. …

As of Wednesday, the day for high school athletes to sign

letters of intent, 19 prep and junior college football athletes

have committed to the University of Colorado. Although, with the

way things are going in Boulder now, one may want to insert the

past participle of ‘to be’ (been) between ‘had’ and ‘committed.’

Some time ago we noted in this space the players who were taking

time off from Major League Baseball to play for the clubs of their

respective countries. For those wondering how those professional

players from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico and Puerto

Rico have faired, here’s an update. …

The Caribbean Series (pitting the championship team from the

aforementioned countries against each other in a round-robin

tournament) began Saturday and is now in its sixth day. As of

Thursday the standings were: Dominican Republic (featuring

superstars like Miguel Tejada, Rafeal Furcal and David Ortiz) has

won all four of its games, while Venezuela (2-2) and Mexico (2-2)

are tied for second. Puerto Rico (0-4) is only playing for pride

now, having been eliminated from the championship game, which pits

the teams with the two best records against each other. Stay tuned.

Also emerging this spring from the doldrums of the unknown is

USA Track and Field. This being this an Olympic year, it is time

for all of the U.S. media to hype the athletes they so willingly

ignore for the space of four years (drug scandals excepted). CSU

alone has five former athletes and one current athlete vying for a

spot on the USA team that will represent in Athens. Distance runner

Brian Berryhill may be the most well-known of the group, having

proven he is among the United States’ best in his respective events

(the mile and 800), but we cannot count out former All-American

throwers Drew Loftin, Brian Trainor and Casey Malone or future

All-American thrower and CSU junior Loree Smith. Also vying for a

spot in Athens is sprinter/hurdler Megan Addy who now trains in San

Diego. It’s a shame these athletes aren’t known around Fort

Collins, let alone the nation, but that’s why people read us, we

have all the info this town needs.

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