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Feb 042004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

The Aggie Theatre should be given mad props for setting up an

outstanding lineup this week. Three great shows dominate the local

scene and should lie to rest any concerns that Fort Collins is not

seeing enough quality bands touring through the area. And just as

an extra incentive, two of these three bands are Colo. natives.

That’s right … homegrown.

Friday night is a homecoming of sorts. Five years ago when many

current students (including myself) were just entering the FC music

scene there was a local band that seemed destined for stardom.

This band, On Second Thought, was truly a pleasure to watch live

and had a good funky-grassroots sound that almost everybody could

get into. However, like so many dope local groups, the band broke

up and many were disappointed to see such promising talent


But last December a press release announced a “one-time reunion

show” that was being played in Denver. The show was a huge success

and drew rave reviews from audience members. This seemed to set

into motion a chain of events that saw the reuniting of the


This Friday night will see the triumphant return of On Second

Thought at the Aggie. And, as a sign of good faith the show is free

of charge, an incredible price!

The opening band is another local act, The Mercury Project.

People tend to bitch and moan about not supporting local music and

only recognizing national stars. Well, here’s our chance to support

some of the finest local talent in the past decade, without getting

our checkbooks involved.

For those who like toying and possibly destroying their neural

cells should drop by an acid jazz show. The Greyboy All-stars who

formed in 1993 by saxophone, flute and vocal virtuoso, Karl Denson,

and drummer, Zak Najor, the band is touring in support of their

newest release, LIVE. Denson was the saxophonist in Lenny Kravitz’s

band for years and is honestly a hypnotically fantastic artist. The

group’s funky acid-jazz sound can set a groove that is easy to slip

into throughout the show. Consider this a public service

announcement for all dope-ass groove-hounds.

Finally, Wednesday sees the arrival of a Colorado native band

that has definitely made it on the national scene. Big Head Todd

and the Monsters, the trio from Columbine High School, has drawn

fans worldwide and is set to release their most recent album,

“Crimes of Passion” on Tuesday. BHTM’s most famous songs include

“Bittersweet,” “Broken-hearted Savior” and “Resignation Superman.”

Once again the Aggie Theatre hosts this show, which really should

be a must-see for any Colorado native and anybody else for that


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