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Feb 042004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

As the Associated Students of CSU elections loom right around

the corner, the ASCSU Senate took a stand on a different issue we

find extremely important.

ASCSU sent a bill to committee last night that would voice their

opposition to the academic bill of rights. ASCSU’s bill will be

voted on next week and would make a public and official stand

against the implementation of the academic bill of rights at CSU.

This official stand would tell our state government officials that

we, as a student body at CSU, are against the bill.

While ASCSU lacks any real power to do anything about the state

government’s bills or laws, it represents the student body and its

interests. While we could each write a personal letter to our state

officials voicing our views against the academic bill of rights, it

is unlikely to happen. The next best approach to making our voice

heard at the capitol is by having our student government, ASCSU,

take an official stand.

It is we as students, faculty and staff of CSU who the academic

bill of rights would hurt, and ASCSU would acknowledge this through

its bill. It is essential for our state government to hear our

opinions and ASCSU’s bill will make them heard.

We hope when it comes down to voting, hopefully ASCSU will do

what’s right and send the message to our state officials that CSU

students, faculty and staff are against the academic bill of


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