Feb 042004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

MTV, the television channel that changed the world, is hoping to

add another successful network to their arsenal with the debut of


The new network will focus completely on college students and

all aspects of their lives, from music to news and even politics.

Programming began at colleges and universities across the country

in January.

In fact, mtvU was present on the CSU campus this past Monday

filming footage which will air beginning Monday. The footage

includes segments for both “The Dean’s List” as well as “The


“Music is the heart of the channel. It will serve as a

laboratory for college students to tell us what’s new,” said mtvU

general manager Stephen Friedman.

The channel’s programming will primarily feature music

intermixed with short news segments. Other shows set to air include

“The Dean’s List” which is a top ten video countdown and also “The

Freshman,” which showcases the country’s newest musical


mtvU plans to be an interactive environment with a Web site that

works in harmony with the network.

“We want to be a resource as well as an entertainment program,”

said Freidman.

One feature called “The Cut” is similar to MTV’s “Buzzworthy”

and “The Leak.” A song is featured and referred to as “The Cut” and

while this track is playing on mtvU it will simultaneously be

available for download at mtvU.com. Artists recently named to “The

Cut” include Atmosphere and Howie Day.

Another way in which the channel wants to serve as a resource is

by allowing watchers to log onto the Web site and give feedback

regarding music and programming. Also, several contests will be

consistently awarding prizes such as “Stand In” where a national

icon will teach a class for a day at the winning student’s college.

Future “Stand Ins” will include musical entertainer Marilyn Manson

and civil rights activist Jesse Jackson.

“mtvU Grants” is also an attempt by the network to get students

involved as social activists in their communities. Every week mtvU,

partnered with YouthVenture, will give away a $1,500 grant to a

young social activist. These grants are intended to both reward the

activist and help jumpstart their initiative.

Following in the footsteps of its older sibling, MTV, mtvU is

trying to have a positive political effect on university-age

students by promoting their “Choose or Lose” programming. The

network hopes to inform the college-level student about the

importance of their involvement in the 2004 election. Also mtvU is

trying to work with colleges and universities to bring polling

stations to campuses.

“It’s a great job,” said new VJ George Oliphant, a recent

University of Colorado graduate.

Oliphant says he basically just got lucky in getting the

position but absolutely loves it.

“It’s great flying around the country and hanging out at

different campuses,” he said. “I loved college and this way I don’t

really have to leave.”

Some feel, however, that they already have enough MTV in their

lives already.

“I probably wouldn’t watch it on a regular basis,” said Sara

Zach, a sophomore psychology major.

“It appeals to me, but certain shows would be the ones I would

watch. I wouldn’t just turn on the TV and head directly to (mtvU),”

said Kerry Greer, a junior health promotions major.

Although CSU does not yet subscribe to mtvU it is possible to

request it by going to their Web site at www.mtvU.com and click on

“Want mtvU at Your School?”

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