Dr. Jekyll

Feb 042004
Authors: Chris Hess

Honky Tonk is great music.

Of course, it’s even better when it’s played by the grandson of

a legend, a mohawk-bearing bass player resembling Skeletor, a

fiddler that could beat the devil, a steel guitarist who always

looks strung out and a drummer that could keep beat in a


It was as if Dr Jeckle was in his laboratory when Hank Williams

III took the stage at the Aggie Theatre on Monday. Playing a

country rock set with as much precision as a scientific formula.

He, along with the Damn Band, brought a Honky Tonk spectacle that

would please a redneck who couldn’t find his chaw.

As the band launched into “Goin’ To Hell With A Shot Of Whiskey”

the vivacity of a Phish show filled the room, but the dancin’ and

stompin’ made it feel like we were in a dive off the side of a

highway, and I fully expected a bar stool to crash over my head at

any moment.

The rabble-rousers on stage blazed through an hour and ten

minute long set, taking time to pay homage to granddaddy Williams

with “My Bucket’s Got A Whole In It,” Johnny Cash with the best

rendition of “Cocaine Blues” this side of Fulsom Prison and a crowd

rousing rendition of “Pop Country Really Sucks.”

“If Toby Keith is a rebel, then give me a low-caliber handgun so

I can blow my f**king head off,” Williams announced from the


The emergence of Hank III’s rockabilly songs like, “If You Don’t

Like Hank Williams (You Can Kiss Our A**)” and “Hell Billy”

signaled the end of the country set. Hank politely thanked the

crowd for coming out, and told them to stick around if they like



What’s one thing you want the kids at CSU to remember?

I want them to remember the Jekyl and Hydeness of the show &

why can’t we smoke and drink…in a BAR?

Who is your favorite Beatle?

Ah, I don’t know…John or that guy (makes bass playing motions

with his fingers)…Paul, I don’t know, there both vocalists to


If your honky-tonk side got in a fight with your hardcore side,

who would win?

Probably my hardcore side because we chase out all of the


Collectively, how many bowls, joints, blunts and bong hits have

you had since you woke up?

I had a lot of good friends, about eight good sessions.

For those who don’t know, describe how you feel about your


F*ck curb! That’s our campaign. (Curb Records refuses to release

any AssJack albums, and censors Hank’s country music. A lawsuit is

pending to get Hank III off of Curb.)

Who would you rather sleep with Shania Twain or Faith Hill?

Twain. Dark…I like the darker hair.

Word Association w/ HankIII:

Toby Keith…Fake



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