To the Editor:

Feb 032004

Lower section “P” stands for pathetic fans. Actually, scratch

that. Lower section “P” doesn’t stand at all. I was disgusted

during much of the thrilling overtime win Saturday night against

our bitter rival Wyoming. Four loyal Rams fans were ejected from

the game for standing and cheering. STANDING AND CHEERING! The

enthusiastic fans were barraged by wadded pieces of paper and

profanity after profanity, not by our dreaded rivals fans, but by

people who claim to be Ram fans, people without the mental capacity

to read a line from the paper attached to all student seats, and I

quote: “When you sit in these seats you are joining the Moby

Maniacs — Fans who stand, scream, jump and holler to help the

RAMS!” A cheer from section P went up when an event staff employee

had the fans ejected. He was a real class act. Perhaps he should go

from section to section, kicking out everyone that is standing,

then the rest of the lazy, illiterate fans from section P could

cheer as the true Ram fans are escorted off campus. Along with a

handful of loyal fans, I stood and continued cheering in the four

fans honor, even though it meant being verbally abused and the

target of many paper balls. I wish the four fans could have seen

such a great ending. Remember one thing, disloyal, lazy, illiterate

“P” fans, you can always sit at home.

Justin Kerns

Senior, English

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To the Editor:

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Feb 032004

In response to the proposed Academic Bill of Rights

(Discriminating Politics, Feb. 3): A knee-jerk response to a

problem we don’t have based on the clamor of a vocal minority?

Sounds like another liberal Democratic plot to expand the role Big

Government has in our lives at the expense of our freedom. Oh,

wait, you said the bill was proposed by a Republican and is

sponsored by Republicans and Republicans alone? Then never


Eric J. Richardson

Senior, electrical & computer engineering

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To the Editor:

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Feb 032004

I am once again writing in response to one of Christopher

Ortiz’s columns. In the column “Students face lose-lose situation

with parking,” you yet again fail to give an actual opinion on the

issue that you are writing about. In fact, the parking situation on

campus is hardly an issue that can even facilitate a debate. I

don’t think that anyone would argue that there need to be more

parking spaces on campus. Furthermore, almost everyone would agree

that $10,000 is too much to pay for each spot in a parking garage.

Every week I read your column and wonder if you have any opinions

on anything. I urge you to pick a topic for your next column that

actually sparks some debate, one that maybe even rattles some


Also, you neglected to mention the Transfort bus system as a

means of transportation to campus. Thousands of students ride the

bus everyday. It is reliable and helps quell the ever-growing

problems of traffic and pollution. In fact, students are wasting

money if they don’t take the bus because it is included in our

yearly fees.

Mark Danbom

Sophomore, accounting

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