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Authors: Taylour Nelson

Four students were asked to leave the men’s basketball

game at Moby Arena Saturday after refusing to sit down in their


Dan Maniscalco, Todd Watson and two of their friends were

standing and cheering in their front-row seats when spectators

sitting in the seats directly behind them began yelling for the

foursome to sit down, while throwing programs and flyers, said

Maniscalco, a senior construction management major.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this before,” Maniscalco

said. “Everyone was standing around us except for the 30 people

behind us who were yelling, but we shrugged it off.”

Those seated behind Maniscalco and Watson asked security to

remove Maniscalco and his friends. A security guard, employed by

Contemporary Services, a security service contracted by CSU, asked

Maniscalco and his friends numerous times to sit down and to comply

with other fans who could not see the game, said Doug Max,

operations manager and associate athletic director of


During the second half of the game, Maniscalco, Watson and their

two friends were escorted out of Moby and asked to leave


“I didn’t know people could be kicked out for standing up and

cheering,” said Watson, a senior accounting major. “When you go to

a football game, you expect to stand.”

Max said these students were asked to leave the arena to

“alleviate a tough situation,” one that could have been avoided had

the students complied with basic common courtesy.

“There are places to go to stand up the whole game,” Max said,

adding that fans should be aware of others around them.

He said there are no specific rules regulating students’

behavior at games, but common courtesy is something all students

should use. He said issues with lewd behavior, lewd language and

throwing things are not acceptable, but the biggest regulation on

behavior is common courtesy.

“Common courtesy is (determined by) where you are.”

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