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Feb 032004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Christopher J. Ortiz

Nicole Davis

Shandra Jordan

Four basketball fans were escorted out of Moby Arena Saturday

after complaints from spectators behind them who complained about

the fans obstructing their view of the men’s basketball game.

There is a fine line between standing, cheering and rooting for

your team and being rude to those around you who might not want to

stand the entire game.

Our four rowdy fans were standing and cheering, blocking the

view of the spectators behind them, who began to throw things at

the fans, while watching the game. Who’s right, who’s wrong? Hard

to tell.

Students wanting to stand and cheer should sit in the student

section of the arena and spectators who choose to just sit and not

cheer should stay away from the student section. This system is

respected at football games where everyone knows that if you want

to watch the game in the student section, you are going to have to

stand up and if you choose to sit, your options are either on top

or on the north stands.

Attendance at basketball games has been low and organizers have

tried to increase attendance. Headlines with fans being kicked out

of games aren’t going to help that effort. Cheering and rooting for

your team should be encouraged.

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