To the Editor:

Jan 292004

I couldn’t help but laugh at the statement in Stacey Schneider’s

article that genetic engineering allows scientists to start taking

on a “God-like” role. It sounded so familiar. When effective forms

of birth control first came out a similar paranoia was expressed.

Selecting conception dates was God’s domain. So are we in Bible

school or college?

Selecting the sex of a child and eliminating major genetic

defects is a far cry from eliminating the “true surprise” that a

child brings. The researcher selects from the parent’s genes. It

isn’t a Frankenstein stitch-job with Arnolds pecks, Bill Gate’s

mind and Madonna’s abs. The child would still have Dad’s squinty

eyes, Mom’s nose and aunt Gertrude’s receding hairline. A normal

child perhaps, but without Down’s syndrome.

Many people who want a sneak peak at their future child already

have a disabled or terminally ill child. Currently, the only other

candidates for genetic engineering are persons who already have


Genetic scientists are not sick puppies who are trying to

undermine the value of human life. They just think that quality of

life matters too.



Amy Trefethen, second bachelor’s candidate

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