Jan 292004
Authors: Katrice Thomas

The women’s basketball team is saddling up and heading toward

the border for what promises to be a fast-paced, action-packed

matchup. Colorado State (10-7, 1-3 MWC) will play the Cowgirls of

Wyoming on Friday in Laramie, Wyo. at 7 p.m. Conference-leading

scorer Ashley Elliot, who averages 16.3 points per game, leads a

Wyoming (6-11, 2-2 MWC) team that awaits the arrival of its border

rival. The Rams will look to avenge a disappointing 58-55 loss to

San Diego State Saturday, as well as stop their loosing streak.

“I’d like to get a win,” sophomore guard Vanessa Espinoza said.

“We haven’t had one in a long time, but we’re focused on getting a


The Rams will have to go about getting a win without senior

forward Joy Jenkins, who broke her nose last Monday in practice.

Stepping in for the senior will be freshman Kylee O’Dwyer.

“I’m excited,” O’Dwyer said. “This is a big step, but it’s a

reward for working hard.” Without Jenkins in the lineup head coach

Chris Denker admits the game plan will change but said CSU fans

shouldn’t panic.

“Losing Joy does impact our game,” he said. “We lose her senior

leadership, and she is a very versatile player. The rotation is

going to be a little tighter now, but we have a lot of confidence

in our team, it’s just a matter of going out and doing it.”

With winning on the minds of both teams, the game should be a

crowd pleaser. The last two contests in Wyoming have gone into

overtime, with both teams winning one game.

“Wyoming is a big rival,” Espinoza said. “Of all the teams, I

think I hate them the most.”

But whether the Rams like or dislike the Cowgirls won’t

determine the outcome of the game; good basketball will. Espinoza

and company seem to have the plan mapped out for the matchup.

“We have to make shots,” she said “That’s the bottom line. We

have to limit (Elliot’s) touches, make shots and continue to do the

things that we’ve been doing.”

CSU holds a 38-25 advantage over the Cowgirls, but the question

of whether history will prove faithful for the Rams or whether the

Cowgirls will bring enough firepower to end their own losing skid

remains unanswered.


Rams Probable Starting Line Up


No. Position Player Importance

5 guard Vanessa Espinoza Small but gets to the hoop, and scores



11 guard Jasai Ferrucho Fiery in-your-face defender


31 forward Kylee O’Dwyer Big on the boards, and can knock down a

few shots


33 forward Melissa Dennett The “Diesel” can’t be stopped, plows

over competition


45 center Lindsay Thomas Standing at 6 feet 2 inches, Thomas is


big girl, with a BIG game

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