Jan 292004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Colleen Buhrer

J.J. Babb

Patrick Crossland

Christopher J. Ortiz

For a lot of students, math is just something you can do or you

can’t do. The university requires undergraduates to take math

credits. Yet it doesn’t seem that the university puts a lot of

money into the Individualized Mathematics Program.

The math mods are a way for the university to require students

to take credits but to skim off the surface with funding. From our

experience, students who go through the math mods are not learning

lifelong math skills. They only learn enough to pass the tests.

You don’t come to a university to teach yourself. Yes there are

tutors and yes there is a lecture class provided, but for the

average student who needs a little more assistance, the IMP program

is not conducive to his or her overall educational experience. Many

students coast through the programs by learning only what is

necessary to pass the next test, not actually learning the

material. Everyone learns differently, but with the math mods there

are few options.

Either don’t require every student to earn math credits at CSU

or support the IMP with more help for students who do not know the

cross products of the dell operator with the result of the cross

product of two vectors.

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