Jan 282004
Authors: Steve Latuda

CSU students are very spoiled when it comes to athletics.

Tickets are free, beer is served at home football games, seats for

those home football games are right behind the players themselves,

and oh, did I mention tickets are free?

The one complaint students regularly have about the system

though is that the student seats for basketball games are not that

good and should be better. That is a complaint that I must say

holds some water.

Compared to the seats for home football games, the seats at the

Auditorium-Arena (a.k.a. Moby) are not that great. You have half

the students sitting behind the south basket, and the other half

sitting in the corner of the gym.

The problem with that is CSU shoots at the north basket during

the second half of the game. It gets tough to see what is happening

on the court sitting 30 rows up behind the band when CSU has the

ball on the court.

But students, there is one problem with your argument: Not

enough of you show up to show athletics director Mark Driscoll that

you deserve those better seats. Talks are going on to better

improve those student seats, but if students do not go to the

games, then why take the good seats away from paying fans that do

show up on a regular basis and will fill those empty seats?

But students, you do have a chance to show your support. On

Saturday, the Rams will be in action at home against rival Wyoming.

This is your chance. This is your opportunity to show up to the

game and make a difference. You want better seats? Then you are

going to have to produce the butts to sit in those seats.

The last two home games have been wild. We have had one

double-overtime victory and one overtime victory. The crowds have

been great and so has the play on the floor.

Not all students have been absent though. There are the hardcore

fans that show up every game and give the Rams that extra boost to

pull out those overtime victories.

There is the foul man, a fan that has seemed to evolve every

home game adding a more padding to his suit, and a sign that reads

“Brick.” He loves taunting free-throw shooters from the opposite

team. I don’t know if he would want to sit anywhere else in the

gym, but he deserves to.

So do the rowdy fans in the corner of the gym that pick out

certain players from the opposing team and heckle the heck out of

them from start to finish. Those fans deserve better seats as well.

As do the various fraternities and sororities that show up for home

games and cheer their heads off.

But where is everybody else? You need to be there too. You need

to be screaming “air ball,” or yelling “five fouls, no points,”

when a player seems to only be able to rack up fouls and nothing


The reason I know that there are not enough students going to

the games is because there were some CU fans in the stands for

Monday’s game against UNLV. Do you want CU fans on your campus?! I


So show up, wear green and scream your heads off. Show the

athletic department that you deserve better seats, and show the

players you do support them.

Remember, the Cowboys did beat us in football, and their fans

tore down the goalposts just to rub it in.

You know what they say about payback.

Do not let the Wyoming crowd out-number you at the game.

They are true fans. The question is: are you, the students, true

fans? Can you outnumber the Wyoming crowd?

I sure hope so.

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