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Jan 282004
Authors: Danny Byers

The Cheba Hut recently rolled into Fort Collins and began

selling what it considers the best dank in town. It sells it all,

nugs, pinners and blunts. And yes, it is perfectly legal.

This is not an underground drug business but a “toasted” sub

sandwich joint that is very committed to one thing: marijuana.


Although fairly new, this restaurant, located on the northeast

corner of College Avenue and Laurel Street, is already kind of busy

and cannabisy. Its many fans, which keep the restaurant

well-circulated for various reasons, are cleverly shaped like

cannabis plants and near the entrance is a gigantic inflated joint.

Posters of stars that would presumably consider the Cheba Hut a

favorite, such as Cheech, Chong, Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin and

John Belushi, cover the walls.

The environment is rather relaxing and subdued. With classic

rock hits playing in the background and an old-school Nintendo

arcade game waiting for your quarters, the Cheba Hut has more than

just food. It also has quality entertainment that appeals to

straight-edges who come for the food and the stoners who come for

the experience as a whole.

Main Courses

The Hut offers 25 different oven-fresh sandwiches that all have

names that reefer, whoops … refer, to THC. Some examples: the

Cronic (BBQ Beef), Endo (Reuben) and Hydro (Egg Plant). These

sandwiches come in small, medium and large but are amusingly

labeled Nugs (4″), Pinners (8″) and Blunts (12″).

The Jamaican Red Blunt, a spicy grilled chicken breast with

green bell peppers, jalapenos, black olives and cheddar cheese, is

particularly delectable because of the spiced chicken that tastes

similar to fire-hot wings. It will light you up! Yah mon. According

to Manager Stan Dobbs, who has worked at all three locations (the

other two are in Arizona), Jamaican Red is the shop’s most popular


In addition to the main meal, the Hut has soups like White

Rhino, a cream of broccoli soup with diced portabellas that give a

nice kick. It also has munchies like hemp brownies with sprinkled

ground hemp seeds, which add a sunflower seed-like taste. One

caveat: the prepackaged miniscule Oreo cheesecake could not even

satisfy scavengers who like schwag. (The Cheba Hut does not sell

schwag, a.k.a. a bologna sandwich. It’s out of stock.)


The staff at the Cheba Hut is enjoyable. Its members are the

type you would expect to be served by at such a shop: tranquil and

chill. Service might be a bit sluggish, not because of slacking

employees, but because of some customers who can’t seem to

concentrate and make up their minds.

The sandwiches compare to other sub shops around town. But the

Hut’s subs somehow taste better than most, which Dobbs takes pride


“The food brings people back,” he said. “If it was just the

theme and the atmosphere, it wouldn’t bring people back twice.”

It’s high time you check this joint out. Don’t be skeptical,

it’s not a drag, though you wish it might be.

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