Jan 282004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Sweating bodies, loud music and throbbing bass have a new home

in Fort Collins. The Club House, formerly CB & Potts Clubhouse,

is the self-proclaimed “new party headquarters” for Colorado State


This new Fort Collins hot spot opened its doors for the first

time last week after replacing the former pool hall, and general

manager Jay Feinberg described business as “brisk.”

The Club House is CB & Potts attempt to create an atmosphere

conducive to younger age groups who are becoming more interested in

the clubbing atmosphere.

“The pool hall wasn’t really doing it,” Feinberg said. “It

wasn’t really working for us.”

The standard pool tables have now been replaced by rotating

lights and a loud speaker system. Only two pool tables remain in

the former pool hall and the space created was transformed into a

dance floor with a DJ booth gracing one of the corners.

“The crowd who was using the pool hall was really more of a CB

& Potts crowd. We wanted to have something for everyone so we

decided it was time for a change. People who used the clubhouse can

now come in here [CB & Potts Restaurant and Bar],” Feinberg


The new changes seem to have been well received.

“It’s kinda small for a dance club, yet at the same time it’s

cool because there’s pool tables … I would say I had a wonderful

time,” said Morgan Anderson, a junior in speech communication.

Feinberg isn’t worried about the competition provided by other

Fort Collins clubs such as Suite 152, The Rock and Club Osirus.

“There’s always competition. We tried to look around and do

something a little different. If a club had house/techno playing on

one night then we tried to go hip-hop. Little differences like


The music is provided by DJs TLuv, Groove Quote of Mirage

Entertainment and Feinberg said they are as good or better than any

DJs currently playing the Fort Collins area.

“We offer a smaller more intimate atmosphere,” Feinberg said. “I

know the DJs really like our setup.”

Feinberg also said that with the Fort Collins nightlife so

centered around Old Town, CB & Potts is trying to present an

entertainment opportunity for people located closer to The Club

House — about one-and-a-half blocks west of Moby Arena on


“Our occupancy is about 200 so we’re not really trying to steal

crowds from other places,” he said. “We’re looking for a smaller


With the introduction of The Club House, CB & Potts has

opened up more room in the bar and restaurant. The upstairs, which

previously had been used as a pseudo-club atmosphere, will now

become a lounge. Three big screen and two plasma televisions, a

shuffleboard salt table and a pool table have also been added to

the upstairs. The drink of choice is expected to be yards of beer

and the lounge should be fully functional, complete with X-Box, PS2

and Gamecubes, within the next several weeks.


The Club House feature nights

Tuesday nights: Dance mix

Thursday night: Hip-hop/R&B/Top 40, also 18 +

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