Jan 272004
Authors: Carmen Filosa

Many students who depend on the Transfort bus systems as a means

of transportation may have noticed the on-going construction

awaiting them on their trip to campus.

“I think the construction is a pain in the butt,” said David

Musset, a senior landscape and horticulture student.

Musset, who uses the buses for transportation to and from school

on a regular basis, said that he has noticed that the buses have

been late since the construction started.

Musset said his bus was 10 minutes late on Monday, which is

later than he has ever experienced.

Though Musset does think the improvements the construction makes

will be worth it, he said he wondered why the improvements were not

planned into the original design of the transfort station.

“It doesn’t make any sense to do it now when they could have

done it at the beginning,” Musset said.

Cass Beitler, project manager, said the construction is the

result of phase 1A of the Transfort renovation process.

Now that the earlier goals, which included building the station,

are complete, Beitler said other improvements will be made by

enhancing the entrance for the buses by widening the road and

improving the bike lane that goes through the area.

Beitler said construction will continue until the beginning of


Though Beitler said the construction has forced buses to be

temporarily rerouted, he doesn’t think it has caused problems with

the buses being on time.

“I don’t think it affects (the buses) too much,” said Steve

White, project manager to the city of Fort Collins.

Another concern of the project crew is the survival of a weather

station that was in the area before the bus station was built,

Beitler said.

Beitler said it was originally planned to remove the weather

station and replace it when the construction was complete, but the

crew was able to find a way to “work around it.”

“It’s a very important weather station,” Beitler said.

Along with the maintenance work of improving the bus station,

other improvements will be made in the parking situation and

landscaping in order to make the bus station more pleasing to the


“It’s going to benefit the area with a few more parking spaces,”

White said.

White said 13 new parking spots will be added once the project

is complete.

“There’s some nice landscaping that’s going in,” White said.

White said the new landscaping with benefit the transfort

station “esthetically” because it will tie everything together at

the Transfort stop and make it look nicer.

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