Opposing View

Jan 262004
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz, Josh Pilkington

Today’s headline story about the needle exchange program was

shocking to read and it became more shocking when I read that it is

run by the Boulder Country Public Health Department. Using county

tax dollars to essentially support people’s drug habit?


The argument that this program is for the better of the county’s

health only concludes that the county has given up on trying to

curb its drug problem through counsel and/or punishment. The only

way I would support this program is if a cop stood inside the

building and arrested the drug users that came in to exchange their

needles. That will be better for the county’s health.

This exchange program differs from efforts to promote people to

bring in and exchange guns because innocent people die everyday

from unmotivated gun violence. As harsh as it may sound, no one is

innocent if they receive AIDS or Hepatitis A from using a dirty

drug needle.

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