Jan 262004
Authors: J.J. Babb

As some students attempt to tone-up, lose weight and/or get in

shape to meet their New Year’s resolutions, the Campus Recreation

center and private gyms offer different atmospheres and equipment

to meet different needs.

Loretta Capra, senior associate director of the recreation

center, believes students use the recreation center because of its

“convenience, it offers what they’re looking for, they already pay

for it with student fees so there is no additional charge, it’s

clean, neat and we have new, up-to-date equipment.”

Lance Freeman, another senior associate director for Campus

Recreation, estimates 3,000 to 4,000 students use the recreation

center on a daily basis, depending on the time of year. Freeman

estimates the numbers are closer to 4,000 currently.

He believes this higher usage may be due to students being off

for a month and gaining weight, Spring Break coming up with

students wanting to look good and the weather turning colder, so

students move their workout regimes inside.

“Fitness is a big thing nowadays especially with young people,”

Freeman said. “Fitness has changed in the last years to more

cardio, weight lifting and Pilates, and that’s what the rec center


Chris Caufman, a sophomore business computer information systems

major, enjoys running and lifting weights at the recreation


“(The recreation center) has most all the equipment you need,”

Caufman said.

But not all students work out at the recreation center. Some

turn to private gyms around Fort Collins to get in shape.

“We can’t be everything for everybody even though we try to

change our programs to do so,” Freeman said. “We’re trying to get a

middle range for the most number of people.”

This middle range offers cardio equipment, weight machines and

free weights and a variety of classes. Even with this variety,

Capra and Freeman recognize some students may be seeking specialty

equipment or training.

“Sometimes (students use other gyms) because they’re looking for

specialty items,” Capra said. “Mostly what we put in are for the

average student needs and if they’re looking for any of the

extremes they go elsewhere.”

The recreation center also gets busiest from 3 to 8 p.m., which

Freeman believes scares some students away.

Kenny Bunch, owner of Definitions Fitness Center, 1115 W.

Prospect Road, sees 75 percent of the club’s membership coming from

CSU students. Students usually tell him this is because of longer

hours, no closures during breaks, availability of equipment and

smaller crowds.

“Girls who come here also say they don’t feel they will be hit

on or talked to the whole time,” Bunch said. “They can get on

equipment and just work out.”

Junior Sally Earle does not work out at the recreation center,

but instead gets plenty of exercise in her daily routine.

“I’m a dance major and take seven classes a week so I work out

already,” Earle said.

Overcrowding has also led recreation center staff to plan

reorganization this spring.

“Our weight room has become way crowded,” Freeman said. He said

the center plans to expand the weight room and move cardio

equipment into one of the volleyball courts.

The recreation center also plans to tear out the sun deck on the

south side of the building and will build a plaza for students to

study and hang out. The plaza will also host food vendors.

“It will be a better use of the space,” Freeman said.

With the high numbers of users continually increasing, Freeman

said there also might be new building additions to the recreation

center in 2008.

“In the year 2000-2001 we had 400,000 user visits. This year

we’re projecting 520,000 user visits. So in a matter of three years

we’ve gone up 120,000 user visits and this is a constant trend,”

Freeman said. “We’re eventually going to max out.”

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