To the Editor:

Jan 252004

In response to Kyle Endres’s comment on Friday (about homosexual

marriages) “Whatever happened to ‘all men are created equal’?” I

believe and hold the conviction that all men are in fact created

equal, and also that all men are created to be in a marriage

relationship with a woman per God’s standards (can you even print

that word in a public place anymore, or do we still have freedom of

the press?), and since God created man and God created this

standard, I don’t see how they conflict.

I respect the fact that some people believe differently, but the

institution of marriage was created in the heterosexual arena and I

don’t believe that homosexuals have the right to come in and

redefine it. I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t want me to go

rearrange your life without your permission, and all I’m asking for

is the same respect in return. I’ve never been very excited about

what goes on in the political arena, but George W. has most

definitely caught my attention, namely because he’s not afraid to

stand up for his convictions. I may not agree 100 percent with

everything he does, but I respect him. Nobody in this world is ever

going to agree with anyone else 100 percent anyway, so yes,

tolerance of differences is necessary, but in the words of a

country song “you have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for

anything.” Find truth, believe in it and stand up for it, because

if you don’t, who’s going to believe that you really believe it?

You can’t stand up for something if you are willing to agree with


Elena Trevino, second bachelor’s candidate

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