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Jan 252004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Willow Welter

J.J. Babb

Christopher J. Ortiz

Ah, the sanctity of marriage. It’s hard to find these days with

divorce rates high, the exploitation of marriage on television

shows such has Married by America and Who Wants to Marry a

Multimillionaire, and the it-was-over-before-it-started marriage of

Britney Spears.

Unfortunately, marriage has adapted to our fast-paced,

ever-changing lifestyles where we don’t want to work for results,

we want them immediately — without time or effort. If we don’t get

those results we are all too quick to cut our losses and move


Statistically, you are more likely to find your mate in college

than any other time in your life. Before marriage, pre-marriage

counseling is an option that we encourage and before inking divorce

papers, family and marriage counseling. Of course, in cases of

domestic abuse or other situations where one’s safety is at risk,

quick separations are needed.

Marriage should always be respected and should not be

disregarded with ease. It is unfortunate that marriage has become

trivial in our society, but sanctity is possible, though it does

require work and effort.

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