Jan 252004
Authors: John Teten

This weekend’s test results proved CSU produces athletes that

run faster, jump higher and longer and throw farther than many

other universities in the western United States.

The Air Force Academy held the test Friday and Saturday at the

Air Force Invitational, as the indoor track and field season


The Colorado State men and women each claimed victory, marking

the seventh title in the past eight Air Force Invitationals for


“I was really pleased we were able to win,” head coach Del

Hessel said. “It was a little tougher than it has been in the


The women scored 127 points, six ahead of Wyoming and the men

135.5, two more than runner-up BYU.

As a season-opening meet the Invite provided a chance for

coaches to judge the scope of their talent. Hessel was thoroughly


“Our talent is pretty tough,” he said. “The team is made up of a

very competitive attitude.”

Freshman Janay DeLoach is one of the many superb and competitive

athletes on the team. DeLoach took second in the 60-meter dash,

finishing her first collegiate event in 7.65 seconds. While the

result took her by surprise, she came home dissatisfied — Wyoming

runner Kima Wells crossed before her.

“I expected to get my behind whooped,” DeLoach said. “I was very

excited. I almost beat (Wells), I was so close.”

Katrice Thomas, second in both the 200 and 400, Nicole Feest,

fourth in the 3,000 and mile and Colleen Blair, first in the 5,000,

each played integral parts in the Rams’ victory.

The 5,000 was also a key to the men’s solid start. Senior Dylan

Olchin won the event in 15 minutes, 13 seconds and junior Josh

Glaab finished second in 15:18.

If the 5,000 proved the Rams dominance, then the mile solidified

the spectacular. Junior Mike Nicks posted a

NCAA-championship-worthy 4:13 in his first attempt.

With such a strong opening performance and the likelihood of

improvement, many are asking the same question as Janay DeLoach,

“What more can we do?”

This Week’s BMOC:

Junior Jacob Benson placed in three different events; High jump

(sixth), Long Jump (fifth) and Triple Jump (fourth).


Katrice Thomas and her stellar finish in both the 200 and


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