To The Editor:

Jan 222004

I found George W. Bush to be very presidential in his State of

the Union address Tuesday night. Since Sept. 11, 2001, he has

continued to hold true to his promise that “We will not tire, we

will not falter and we will not fail.” He addressed many important

issues that are coming into effect for us as Americans and he has

restored so much integrity and pride back into this country’s


One of the most important subjects that he touched on was that

our enemies are still plotting to carry out terror attacks and that

we will meet those threats with force. I found this to be President

Bush’s finest hour. He spoke the words of a true honest Christian


When Bush made the comment, “We will never seek a permission

slip to defend the security of America, and if we bring justice to

our enemies or our enemies to justice, justice will be served,” I

felt that our president did it with that Texas spirit. He commented

on many other important issues that will take effect and I’m

looking forward to his reelection, so that he may continue to make

America a better, more secure place to live, work and raise a

family. I’m proud that my president is a cowboy and I wish him the

best of luck against any of the nine clowns who only dream of being

as presidential as George W.

J. T. Davis

Junior, criminal justice, sociology

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