Get Organized

Jan 212004
Authors: Chris Hess

Well, here we are. Back to the back-breaking work load that is a

semester of class at Colorado State University. Winter break has

come and gone and the spring break countdown has begun. What then,

can make this work load lighter and help the time fly by until a

week of frolicking in the sun? It’s simple: organization and


There are several keys to getting organized and focusing on the

task at hand…

Dang, I can’t believe break went by so fast and I am already

sitting here writing a column. What a crock. That’s okay. Last

semester of school, ever. Just gotta’ focus, gotta’ tune in, gotta’

harness my chi. Just write the column, Chris. “Sponge Bob” is on in

30 minutes.

The first step is to create a system to organize your


Geez, I really should create my own system. The pile of papers

on my floor just doesn’t do it. Hmmm, maybe a filing cabinet, but

that costs a lot of money. I could ask the parents for money. Dang,

books were expensive. Alright, gotta’ focus. I need to get this

done. Maybe if I had some coffee I would be able to concentrate.

I’ll go make some coffee…

Alright, got my coffee. My desk is clean, I’m organized, I’m

focused. Crap, spilled coffee on my pants. Wow, that’s hot. Can’t

stop now. Think organization. I must help the freshmen get through

the second half of year.

Next, when you’re trying to sit down and focus on getting a

certain thing done, blocking out outside noise can help. Turning on

a fan or some music might help, too…

Speaking of music, I still can’t believe P-Funk played with

Phish in Miami last month. That must have been insane. Alright,

time to buckle down, time to get this thing done. I still can’t

believe break is over. A week ago, I was skiing. I may have landed

on my face in the terrain park, but it was still a good time. Maybe

I could just not go to school and ski…no, that’s poppycock, just

get this done. Skiing forever would be sweet though.

Also, allow yourself to take study breaks. This will keep your

brain from getting fried so you can stay focused on your


I wonder what time the Nuggets play. Earl Boykins is my hero.

Anyone who is 5’5″ and plays in the NBA is a friend of mine, I tell

you what. Some wings from Jim’s would be good right now, too. I am

pretty hungry. Maybe that’s why I can’t focus. Or maybe it’s

because my crotch is still burning from that coffee I spilled on


Either way, I’m not too stoked on writing this right now. Ben

did get an Xbox for Christmas and nothing spawns creativity and

helps me concentrate like a three hour round of Halo. Yeah, that

sounds nice, I think I’ll do that. I’ll be in the basement if you

need me.

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