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Authors: Carmen Filosa

Some students were surprised to find the newly renovated

University Book Store awaiting their arrival back to campus after

Winter Break.

By rearranging store products and remodeling areas of the

bookstore, the bookstore will be more efficient, said Kris Folsom,

Lory Student Center coordinator.

“It’s a better use of space,” Folsom said.

Folsom said renovations affected all aspects of the bookstore

process, including how the products are organized.

With the new layout, the bookstore’s upper level is now

dedicated to everything not class-related, such as CSU apparel, and

the lower level has all the textbooks and school supplies.

Folsom said the renovation’s goals were to make shopping at the

bookstore easier for the students.

“It should be more convenient for the students, and that’s the

main purpose,” Folsom said.

Folsom said she is confident the new design should make shopping

less hectic for customers.

“Based on feedback, it will be better for students if everything

is in one place,” said John Parry, bookstore director.

Parry said the renovations will make shopping more efficient

because of the new cash register location and improvements made in

the credit card authorization system.

Due to the improvements of the old dial-up system, Parry said

credit card authorization will only take three seconds, which is

more efficient than the 30 seconds it used to take.

“It’s going to save time. Now (customers) can check out and walk

right out the door,” Parry said.

Parry said the renovations were possible due to an elaborate

plan made by a bookstore consultant who examined the bookstore’s

problems while taking into account student feedback.

Due to refinancing and lower interest rates, Parry said the

bookstore was able to use the net bond money it gained for the


Though the remodeling addressed issues of efficiency, Parry said

he also pleased with the new look of the bookstore.

“It has a cleaner appearance. It’s more bright and it looks a

lot bigger even though we haven’t gained a lot of space,” Parry


Parry said that new color schemes also give the bookstore a more

“CSU look” compared to the old pink and blues.

Parry said that the renovations could not have been done without

the help of the students.

“The improvements were based not what’s good for us but what’s

good for student customers. Our goal is to really serve our CSU

students,” Parry said.

Kristol Taylor, a bookstore employee, said the renovations made

many improvements.

“It’s easier to say hello to people,” Taylor said.

Taylor, who has worked at the bookstore for three and a half

years, said she thinks that the remodeling not only helps the

students but also makes it easier for her to do her job more


“We’re not all running into each other,” Taylor said.

Some student shoppers are pleased with the renovations.

“It was definitely worth it because it offers more,” said

Melissa Diaz, a graduate education student.

Diaz said she likes the addition of more “fun stuff,” such as

leisure books, CSU apparel and fan merchandise.

Diaz said she thinks the renovations will be more helpful for

students who use the bookstore as a main store.

“It looks really good and is more organized,” said Diaz.

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