Jan 202004
Authors: Jesse McLain

Trust is worth much more to me than smooth talking lies

perfected by President Bush’s rival orators.

With 2/3 of al-Queda captured or killed, Saddam behind bars

along with 45 of the top 55 officials of his former regime captured

or killed and Libya’s sudden open arms, President Bush didn’t have

to sweet talk the audience that has paid attention to his policies

above his political rhetoric.

“After the carnage of Sept. 11, it is not enough to serve our

enemies with legal papers,” President Bush said. “The terrorists

and their supporters declared war on the United States and war is

what they got.”

I would like to see anyone argue that Saddam wouldn’t have taken

those towers out if he were given the chance.

“America will never seek a permission slip to defend the

security of our people,” Bush continued. It is hard to argue that

America is in Iraq with only few allies alone after listening over

30 countries that are fighting right along with us.

Afghanistan now has women voting in its elections, children back

in school and is opening new health care centers and businesses,

progress that would not have been made by Bush competitors.

Then there’s the economy, in which Bush plans to create new jobs

in high-skilled fields and told Congress exactly what is needed to

be done in order to keep taxes down. I wonder if Sen. Ted Kennedy

could stop shaking his head long enough to listen. Jobs are

increasing and the recession is over.

“A strong America must also value the institution of marriage,”

President Bush did not insult personal relationship preferences he

simply stated that marriage must be respected and defended.

One of the most creative highlights of Bush’s speech is his

initiative for his Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative. Of course,

“America is the land of second chances,” as President Bush stated.

Countless Americans will be better off if prisoners are adequately

rehabilitated, from the prisoners themselves to their potential


More debatable issues of President Bush’s speech include items

such as the proposal for $23 million to use drug testing in

schools. Implemented in the right way, students addicted to drugs

that not only prevent their education but also could destroy their

lives, could be saved. While students with nothing to hide will

still have nothing to hide.

This is the bottom line. President Bush has earned the trust and

confidence of Americans. Sept. 11, 2001, was handled with quick

resolution, terrorists are either dead, captured or running for

their lives. And keeping America safe is perhaps what has earned

G.W. his 60 percent job approval rating in 2003, according to the

Gallup Organization.

Bush’s State of the Union continues to defend his principles on

which he has never faltered. When it comes to honesty, I am

confident he will continue to conquer any rival candidate.

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