Jan 192004
Authors: Steve Latuda

Though the 2003 season is said and done, many Colorado State

Rams football players are still looking and hoping to carry on

their football careers in the NFL.

The Rams have sent numerous players to the NFL via the NFL Draft

held each April, but many players have also made NFL rosters by

being signed as undrafted rookie free agents.

This year’s 7-6 Ram team might have had a disappointing season,

but numerous players, as many as three according to various Web

sites, have a chance to be drafted in April.

Quarterback Bradlee Van Pelt is the Ram with the best chance of

having his name called on draft day, but when it will be called is

still a big question to many. Van Pelt suffered an injury on his

right (throwing) hand in the Rams’ final game of the season in Las

Vegas and injured his left hand during the team’s 35-21 loss to

Boston College in the Diamond Walnut San Francisco Bowl. The

position he will play in the NFL is still also a question.

“That kid can definitely play quarterback at the next level,”

Boston College head coach Tom O’Brian said after the San Francisco

Bowl. “He is a gamer and he will be playing on Sundays.”

Quarterback is where he wants to play.

“I am still learning the position, and I learn more and more

about it every day,” Van Pelt said. “I am working out with a lot of

good trainers and hopefully someone will give me a chance to


Van Pelt has left school, even though he only needs 12 credit

hours to graduate, to focus on getting ready for the NFL.

“I am a athlete-student, not a student-athlete,” Van Pelt said.

“Playing football is my job right now.”

Van Pelt is rated as the 18th-best quarterback on

“http://www.football.com”>www.football.com, one of several Web

sites dedicated to analyzing potential draft picks.

The two other Rams that have been rumored to land in the NFL via

the draft are linebacker Drew Wood and cornerback Dexter Wynn.

Though Wynn does not have the typical defensive back size – he

only stands 5-foot-10 and weighs 170 pounds – scouts are impressed

with his kickoff and punt return abilities.

Wynn is currently rated as the 20th-best cornerback in the

draft, according to football.com.

As for Wood, a solid career with 189 tackles and 12 sacks has

impressed some scouts enough to rate him as high as the 11th-best

inside linebacker in the draft.

Other Rams that have a chance to be signed after the draft

concludes are: defensive tackle Brian Save, who performed well in

Saturday’s Hula Bowl, wide receiver Chris Pittman, center Mark

Dryer and linebacker Eric Pauly, who has only slipped out of the

draft because of a season-ending knee injury he suffered in the

Rams game against Utah earlier this season.

Former Rams players that now call the NFL home are:

Craft, Jason Jacksonville Jaguars CB

Haggans, Clark Pittsburgh Steelers LB

Howell, John Tampa Bay Buccaneers DB

Moran, Sean San Francisco 49ers DE

Nelson, Rhett Minnesota Vikings DB

Porter, Joey Pittsburgh Steelers OLB

Ross, Adrian Cincinnati Bengals OLB

Saipaia, Blaine Oakland Raiders C

Sapp, Cecil Denver Broncos RB

Smith, Brady Atlanta Falcons DE

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