Jan 192004
Authors: Peter Scalia

Most students on campus, if asked about women’s volleyball, will

probably be able to tell you that the team went to the NCAA

tournament before losing to No. 3 Florida in the Sweet 16. But ask

them about the women’s club volleyball team and you’ll most likely

be met with a blank stare.

Yes, Colorado State does have a women’s club volleyball team and

its members have had some serious success over the past years. In

April, for example, CSU made another appearance at the NIRSA

Collegiate Volleyball Sport Club Championships – a streak dating

back to the early ’90s – and had a good showing before falling to

eventual runner-up Missouri. CSU returns nine players from that

team and is looking to make another run to the championships this


It could be an exciting spring for this year’s team as the women

take to the courts and try to defend the Regional Title they won

last year in Las Vegas.

On the other side of the spectrum, the men have their own club

volleyball team, which has reached the club championships several

times, holding a streak similar to the women’s team in consecutive

tournaments reached. The men’s team will kick off the second half

of their season Feb. 9 in the Desert Thunder Tournament in


Ultimate Frisbee

A game designed to incorporate Frisbee into a football and

soccer style of play, Ultimate has become an increasingly popular

game among college students since 1975. The CSU club team Hibida

won every game at the Big Sky College Warm Up tournament, going

7-0. Both Hibida and the CSU women’s team Hell’s Belles will

continue their seasons in mid-February.

Underwater Hockey

Everybody knows that hockey has some of the toughest players in

the world, but would they be as good as they are if the puck they

used weighed three pounds, and the game was played completely

underwater? Probably not.

CSU’s upstart club underwater hockey team plays a game that is a

cross between hockey and water polo. This game, like Ultimate

Frisbee, is quickly becoming a favorite among college students.


Those students familiar with the Great Outdoor Games on ESPN2

might want to go check out the CSU club logging team. This team

competes in skill competitions at an intercollegiate level with

schools like Oregon State, the University of Washington and

Humboldt State. From the Boom Run (running across logs in water for

points), to the Axe Throw, the CSU logging team should be fun to

watch this year.

Whether it’s watching classic sports like volleyball, more

recently developed sports like ultimate Frisbee and underwater

hockey or something completely different like a Boom Run, club

sports offer students a variety of sports in which they can watch

their fellow, athletically-gifted CSU students compete against

other schools from around the nation.

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