Dec 232003
Authors: Steve Latuda

Bradlee Van Pelt continued to throw in practice on Monday, and

says that his hand is finally starting to feel better.

While throwing the ball on Friday, Van Pelt’s passes were wobbly

and tended to float on him. But while throwing Monday, his ball had

a much tighter rotation to it, and seemed to find receivers a

little better.

“I can throw it,” Van Pelt said. “I have to tape my fingers just

to protect me from some of the torque it puts on my fingers. That’s

what hurts the most. But I can throw it.”

Coach Lubick does not agree.

“Every time I’ve talked to him, he tells me he can not throw,”

Lubick said. “I am not to sure of what is going on, but we will

find out soon enough.”

Rams backup quarterback Justin Holland has been seeing the

majority of the snaps in practice, and will continue to until Van

Pelt is ready to play.

CSU also continued to game plan for a Boston College team that

possesses a big physical offensive line.

“We will continue to do what we have always done on defense,”

defensive end Patrick Goodpaster said. “We will stay low and fill

our gaps.”

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