San Francisco Attractions

Dec 142003
Authors: John Teten

San Francisco is loaded with attractions and a steamy nightlife.

For fans traveling to watch the CSU football team take on the

Boston College Eagles in 2003 Diamond Walnut San Francisco Bowl,

here is your guide to life in San Fran.

Every traveler’s first priority in San Francisco should be a jog

up the hill on Fillmore Street, in Alamo Square. This hill is

famous from the opening credits of the sitcom “Full House.”

As you skip up the hill just ponder how far Mary-Kate and Ashley

have come. The next step in revealing to all locals your tourist

nature is a ride along the cable cars while singing the Rice-a-Roni

jingle. The scene is perfectly set, traveling along the Powell/Hyde

line you pass through the city over Nob Hill and arrive at

Fishermen’s Wharf, all while screaming incessantly “the San

Francisco Treat!”

From the wharf you have the option of shopping for cheesy

T-shirts or spying on sea lions. If you arrive early enough in the

day you can catch old fishermen at work. The boardwalk is a

happening place throughout the day with attractions like Ripley’s

Believe It or Not Museum. Continue on foot toward a taste of

chocolate’s history at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Manufactory. Once

your stomach is fully coated with gooey cocoa you’re off on a ferry

to Alcatraz.

The Rock continues to be one of the Bay Area’s top draws. This

one-time prison is where Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery saved

mankind and Mike Myers learned about “Machine Gun Kelly” and his

“shiv.” The tour is way too much a chunk of American history to

pass up.

While in the city see if Terrell Owens will show you his latest

dance, if Barry Bonds will show you his rippling chest or if you

can coax Joe Montana and Jerry Rice to rejoin the Niners and bring

back the glory days.

Clich�? Possibly, but on this end of town looms the

Golden Gate Bridge. Double your scenic pleasure and travel over the

bridge into Sausalito, where you can catch a Pacific-setting sun

with a loved one among monstrous Vermillion tree trunks. This jaunt

is a beautiful way to get ready for the nightcap.

There are many ways to spend a night in this California city,

street after street are lined with fun places to imbibe or


In the Mission District you can indulge in music, food and fun

at the Elbo Room, a laid back dual-level bar. Rock or funk can be

found upstairs and drinks down-space is always at a premium. For

the trendy folk the 2202 Oxygen Bar offers a variety of legal shots

of oxygen. It is expensive, but supposedly uplifting.

Each district offers a change in style, but plenty of


Check out the Infusion Bar near Pac Bell Park for infused vodka

drinks and The Butter, in SOMA, for redneck eats and plenty of

Pabst. The Hemlock Tavern in Polk Area provides more fresh music

and young adults.

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