To the Editor:

Dec 112003

I am extremely disappointed in the University Core Curriculum’s

decision to eliminate freshman seminars. Despite what critics say I

believe that the seminars did fulfill their purpose.

As a freshman, the seminar provided me with answers to my

questions as soon as I had them, rather than waiting three weeks to

get in to see an adviser. Seminars gave me a break from lectures

consisting of 300 people where the professor doesn’t know my name.

It has also supplied me with lessons on note taking and studying


My freshman seminar helped make my transition to CSU easier,

making me more familiar with the campus and my surroundings.

Frankly, I’m scared for future freshmen.

Michelle Przybyski

Freshman, psychology

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To the Editor:

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Dec 112003

For students driving home for the holidays, please take heed to

avoid becoming a tragic statistic. Young drivers under the age of

30 have the greatest risk for car crashes and fatalities due to

falling asleep at the wheel.

This may be caused as much by the biology of sleep for young

adults as by sleep deprivation and untreated sleep disorders.

Particularly at risk are those who have stayed up long hours to

complete work and who are anxious to “hit the road” and get


Please sleep first, pull of the road at the very fist sign of

sleepiness and use effective counter-measures such as switching to

an alert driver, napping and having a caffeinated beverage or


William Moorcroft

Instructor of sleep and dreams

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To the Editor:

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Dec 112003

I am writing in response to Kyle Endres’ Dec. 10 article. This

is a fairly well-written article, and it seems fairly

well-researched. However, it doesn’t present the entire story. It

talks about how much the athletic department would like a band

presence. What it doesn’t say is that they are trying to get a pep

band of about 34 members.

The Marching Band is a 220-member organization. That would be

like asking the football team to only take 18 players to the game

(according to the Web site, the team’s roster is about 120

players). Another thing it doesn’t say is that the band is being

asked to bus out, play when they get there and then bus back home

after the game. That would be like asking the football team to bus

out the day before the game, do press things, play the game and bus

home right after. We would never dream of asking that of our

football team, so why should we ask that of the band?

Another quick note, while I don’t know for sure, the athletic

department has a bad habit of doing similar things to the

cheerleaders. They work very hard for the athletic program on

campus and very rarely get any recognition or help to do what is

asked of them. Here’s to you, band and cheerleaders. Without you,

the games would be just games, instead of a fun event for all to


Robert Rasmussen

Senior, music

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To the Editor:

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Dec 112003

When I read the opinion page in the paper today, I was bombarded

with a bevy of mixed feelings.

First, Ms. Seal’s column on ads and sexual content in the media

was slightly valid, but for the most part, ridiculous. Does Ms.

Seal hope to convince us that sexual offenders have no say in

whether or not they attack? I read not one word saying that sexual

predators should be held responsible for their own decisions. Sure,

they see sex and objectified women everywhere they go, but at the

end of the day it is a person’s morals and values that ultimately

decide whether or not they choose to rape.

Secondly, when I read the column beside Ms. Seal’s, I was

shocked. I want to applaud Josh Pilkington for his very

well-written article and his advocacy of awareness. The content was

horrifying, but the most amazing part is that for the first time

since I can remember, I was reading an article exploiting harsh

conditions for women that was written by a man. I want to say that

it is so refreshing to know that these world problems do not only

concern women anymore and that a man can stand up for the rights of


Lacie Glover

Freshman, chemistry

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