Marching Band goes to bowl

Dec 112003
Authors: Jason Kosena

After much debate and worry among some students, CSU will be

sending the marching band to the Diamond Walnut San Francisco Bowl

after all – 40 members at least.

“We are sending 40 musicians out of the 203-person marching band

we have,” said Steven Moore, director of bands at CSU.

The Collegian reported Wednesday that the band possibly would

not make the trip to the San Francisco Bowl on Dec. 31 with the

football team because of a lack of funding.

Now, the university has decided to send 40 members of

the75-member pep-band currently set up for basketball games, Moore


“We will determine which (40 members will be chosen) by

instrumentation and seniority,” Moore said.

Moore said the decision to send 40 band members was one that was

made in the best interests of the university, but he also believes

that if any fault is to be assigned it should be put on to the fact

there is not enough payout from the bowl.

CSU receives a $750,000 payout for the game, but the school only

receives about $270,000 of that money and tries to earn the rest

through ticket sales, said Gary Ozzello, senior associate athletic

director, on Tuesday.

The contract each university signed to play in the San Francisco

Bowl game requires it to supply a band, said Gary Cavalli,

executive director of the Diamond Walnut San Francisco Bowl.

“(Having the bands there) really adds to the color of the event.

We have a number of events that are built around the bands being

there,” Cavalli said.

A pep rally and lunch and playing at the game are just some of

the events planned for the bands, Cavalli said.

“The only thing we are losing with having a pep band is the

on-field performance, which frankly, I feel is a shame,” Cavalli


Both Boston College, the Rams’ opponent on Dec. 31, and the CSU

bands are in a similar situation. BC is taking 37 members.

“Thirty-seven (band members) is definitely insufficient to

perform an effective show. I don’t know whether they’re expecting

that of us,” said David Healey, the marching band director for the

Boston College Marching Band.

Healey said he understands the situation but still feels it is

unfortunate for the members of the marching band.

“We felt a lot of forces at work within our university to send

some representation of the band and our reluctance was based solely

on our commitment to our students and to keeping the ensemble

together,” Healey said.

Cavalli said arrangements were made for the bands, in their

entireties, to join in the event. He said he believed there was

enough funding for the CSU band to bus its members out but not

enough to fly.

“We were going to put them up in a beautiful hotel … and (had

many extras and freebies) set up for them,” Cavalli said. “We

thought we put a lot into the package to make it attractive to (the


Cavalli said he thinks the compromise, which has been made to

bring roughly 40 members of each band, is “workable” but

unfortunate because the bands from both schools is valuable to the

event’s atmosphere.

“It is my understanding that the (CSU) band was unwilling to

drive, only willing to fly,” Cavalli said.

As of late Thursday night, CSU officials were unavailable for


Despite fewer band members attending the event, Moore believes

the members who will attend are ready for the challenge.

“We have done every performance to the best of our ability, and

we will do our very best to represent CSU with class and

professionalism,” he said.

Collegian reporter Kyle Endres contributed to this story.


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