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Dec 112003
Authors: Steve Latuda

Last week, during the fourth quarter of the Denver Broncos 45-27

victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Denver, Bronco’s running

back Clinton Portis was spotted on the sideline sporting a title


The belt, engraved with the professional wrestling seal, was a

gift from southern rapper “Pastor Troy” and had been sitting in

Portis’ locker waiting for a special moment to be displayed to a

national audience. And with five TD’s to his credit, there was no

better moment for Portis to display the belt than Sunday.

But after a closer look, the belt does stand for something:

Portis’ performance on Sunday was the best fantasy performance in

the history of Fantasy Football.

Portis totaled 253 yards from scrimmage (218 yards rushing and

36 yards receiving) and scored five touchdowns. After much research

done by not only the Fantasy Forum, but also by many other Web

sites that carry fantasy football contests, Portis broke the record

previously held by Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander and

Raiders receiver Jerry Rice.

With that said, let’s get to helping the remaining fantasy

playoff teams in their push toward the title.

Love em’

Jamal Lewis, RB BAL: In his push for not only 2,000 rushing

yards, but for the all-time single season rushing record, Lewis

will see many carries and many yards this weekend against the

Oakland Raiders.

Thomas Jones, RB TB: Named the starting running back in Tampa,

Jones will make the most of his chances this week against


Javon Walker, WR GB: The Packers play in San Diego, so weather

will not be a factor and Walker will be the top target for

quarterback Brett Favre.

Stephen Davis, RB CAR: Davis and the Panthers take on the

Arizona Cardinals this week, enough said.

Leave em’

Steve McNair, QB TEN: Injuries are starting to catch up to the

poor guy. If you have another decent starting quarterback go with

him, but if McNair is your franchise, I suggest staying with


New England running backs: There’s no telling who’ll get the

carries for the Pats, and New England’s opponent, the Jacksonville

Jaguars, has played stellar on ‘D’ lately.

Any player for the New York Giants: They are playing terrible

football, and last week’s performance was the final straw in this

team’s disappointing season.

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