What not to wear

Dec 102003
Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

No one wants to be the laughing-stock of the mountain towns, and

while most people know better, we all know that there are still

many people who are seemingly clueless about hillside fashion.

First of all, let’s be honest, flying down the slopes, with the

freezing winter wind blowing in your face has the tendency to cause

many people’s noses to run. One of the biggest fashion mistakes is

to wear your mucus on the slopes, so please remember to stuff one

of those cute little Kleenex packages into your pocket…just in


Next, while many people believe the drive to their favorite ski

resort to be the equivalent of a time travel, no matter how hard

you may try, it is still the year 2003 and those one-piece ’80s

jumpsuits are no longer fashionably acceptable.

“The one piece ski suits from the ’80s may be very functional

but they are one of the ugliest things you can wear,” said Donyelle

Dewey, a senior majoring in technical journalism and sales

associate for Alpine Haus, a local ski shop.

The next major fashion don’t has been a style no-no for some

time and has somehow refused to fade out. Some people still think

that tight ski pants are sexy. Let’s rid the slope of this fashion

horror once and for all.

“Stretch pants are another ski fashion that is definitely out of

style,” Dewey said.

Jenni Cordova, a senior majoring in apparel design and

merchandising, agrees with Dewey.

“Wearing those ugly stretch pants is a really bad move,

especially with a big coat. It makes people look disproportioned,”

Cordova joked.

As we all know, protective eyewear is of the utmost importance.

While goggles may seem funny looking they are the best

multi-functional eyewear and are a must-have for anyone on the

slopes. However, the same sunglasses that you would wear on your

way to the mall are not acceptable.

“The sunglasses that many people consider to be stylish do not

protect your eyes and have a good chance of falling off when you

are skiing or snowboarding,” Dewey said. “Goggles are much more

functional and are great for protecting your eyes.”

The goal on the slopes is to be casual and comfortable. There is

no need to be flashy and the worst fashion mistakes are made when

people try to bring back stylish fads from past years, and in

worst-case scenarios, from past decades.

“Whatever a person does, they should not wear those crazy

multi-colored joker hats,” Cordova said. “Just wear clothes that

somewhat coordinate and are casually warm.”

Dewey agreed with Cordova.

“Any person hitting the slopes should have a nice pair of ski

pants, no bright colors, with a coordinating coat and some kind of

fleece underneath their coat,” Dewey said.

So, bottom line, before boarding or skiing this winter get rid

of your ugly bright ’80s jumpsuit and don’t forget your


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