Rams on the Road

Dec 102003
Authors: Christiana Nelson

Harriet Nteza does not care about the 20-hour drive to San

Francisco. She plans to join the fifth consecutive Associated

Students of CSU Ram Road Trip to support the CSU football team.

“I want to be there for my school and it will be fun for me to

go on an almost-free road trip,” said Nteza, a junior biology

major. “The money is worth it to spend New Year’s Eve somewhere

other than Colorado.”

All Rams fans, students and non-students are invited to

participate in the Ram Road Trip, which handles accommodations for

participants to watch the Rams compete against Boston College in

the Diamond Walnut San Francisco Bowl on New Year’s Eve.

“We’re hoping to provide the trip to as many students out there

as possible and help them to enjoy their New Year’s,” said Zach

Collins, ASCSU associate director of student services.

Individual package prices differ with transportation needs.

A fee of $99 covers a game ticket, two nights stay at the

Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel and a ticket to the Ram Rally.

The $99 package will accommodate students who wish to drive to

the game on their own or students who are originally from

California, like Jason Speciner, a senior finance major.

“I’m from L.A. and I’m going to be home anyway,” Speciner said.

“I’m still going to go to the game, (going to) enjoy the game, and

celebrate a win and go party.”

Students who require transportation from Fort Collins can pay a

$199 fee for two nights’ accommodations at the Renaissance Parc 55

Hotel, a game ticket, ticket to the Ram Rally and a charter bus

ride to San Francisco. The ride departs from Fort Collins on Dec.

29 and returns on Dec. 2.

Ticket prices for non-students and registration information can

be found at www.ascsu.colostate.edu.

Fozia Mehdi, a freshman business and chemistry major, thinks the

prices for the trip are reasonable and that there are many

advantages to participating.

“It would be fun and interesting to get to know more people, and

you don’t have your parents with you to make decisions,” Mehdi


Justin Lindauer, a junior construction management major, has

participated in previous bowl games as a band member and said he

wishes he had the money to go on the Ram Road Trip because he has

enjoyed the games.

“They’ve been really fun,” Lindauer said. “In New Orleans it was

crazy; the parties were on Bourbon Street at all hours of the night

and in Memphis (Tenn.) we had a New Year’s Eve party at the


To register students must be at least 18 years of age or have

parental consent and have a credit card to reserve their hotel

room, said Brandi Johnson, ASCSU marketing director.

Due to increased student interest, ASCSU is accepting an

unlimited number of students for the road trip, but the deadline

for registration is this Saturday at 7 p.m.

“I would stress the short time crunch,” Collins said, “The way

it is set up ticket sales close at the end of the week, so get them

while they last.”

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