Dec 102003
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Murphy’s Law affects many people’s daily lives. This unofficial

law states: anything that can go wrong will go wrong and Murphy

strikes Fort Collins in ways that only CSU students can relate


Below, I have compiled a list of the top Murphy’s Laws at CSU,

and even more reasons to look forward to the end of Finals


Weather: When it is hot all week long, it will snow on the day

you decide to wear shorts, and the one time you miss the bus, it

will be a blizzard outside.

Vending machines: The day you are severely hungry, the vending

machine will reject your only dollar.

Walking: The day you are headed through campus and trying to

look hot for the attractive group of males/females behind you, you

will suddenly fall up the stairs while books and papers scatter


Exams: During an exam in a silent room filled with students,

your nose will not stop running.

Sleep: When you fall asleep in class, everyone will witnesses

you twitch abruptly when you wake up and there will be drool all

over your face and desk.

Cell phones: The only time you forget to turn your cell phone

ringer off before class, your mom calls. (Your phone will ring loud

and clear with the dorky seasonal ring you downloaded.)

Parties: You throw a party and when people finally start singing

and dancing, the CD will begin to skip. Also, the best parties

occur over the weekends you leave town and there is nothing fun to

do the times you stay in town.

Bars: When you wear your brand new, sexy white shirt to a club,

the first thing you do is spill your drink across the front of


Parents: The morning your parents surprise you with a visit is

also the morning after you threw a huge party and there are beer

bottles scattered and people passed out all over your house, not to

mention the crusted vomit your parents discover in a random


IDs: You finally find the perfect fake ID and the first place

you go it gets taken but all of your friends get in without

problems, even though their IDs are awful.

Trains: The final law that only CSU students can share will

happen when you are late and in a huge rush, the longest train you

have ever seen will run through the length of Fort Collins and you

will wait in traffic for an extra 20 minutes.

Note: Murphy’s Law is incredibly frustrating when they happen to

you, but hilarious when they occur to someone else, especially

because we have all been there before.

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