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Dec 082003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff





It is sad to spend the holidays alone and without celebration.

But when someone is in prison it is hard to have very much sympathy

for their lonely ways.

Some prisoners throughout Colorado will be treated to two

magicians, Christmas carols, pizza and soda, or a

non-denominational church worship band, donuts and soda this

holiday season, according to a story in today’s Collegian. The

articles said, “The holiday meals at most penitentiaries include

turkey, potatoes, salad, bread, vegetables and pie.”

This sounds like some special treatment that could be better

used in other places. Homeless people throughout the nation could

benefit more from these privileges than the people who chose to

commit crimes.

When prison inmates are better off than many college students,

it is hard to see what is deterring people from committing


People are put in prison to be punished or rehabilitated. If the

inmates are getting more luxuries inside the prison than they did

outside it is hard to see that it is really deterring them from

wanting to be in prison.

We think that the tax dollars being spent on improving

criminals’ holiday spirit could probably find a better use.

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